SW Leaders November Recap

It was a busy month in November for South West Leaders when we hosted our regular monthly event along with a 'Snapshot Series' dedicated to the new Workplace Health & Safety Act.

WA Leaders Executive Members Safety Solutions WA came to Bunbury to dedicate an hour with our members and guests to highlight the main changes of the WHS Act and how it will affect all businesses.

The following day we hosted one of the largest event of the year with plenty of guests visiting the South West on reciprocal rights from WA Leaders Perth and North Metro series'.

Industry Expert David Byatt from Moshi Moshi Marketing schooled the audience about machine learning and creating rich data sets. 

Meanwhile, it was prudent after the year we have had to keep some self care and workplace wellness in mind. It was wonderful to have Rebecca Hannan along who reminded the audience to take time out for self care to avoid burn out.

Two round table sessions were organised with Rebecca Hannan hosting one to continue the conversation about workplace wellness for employees, while our IT Industry Expert Steve van Blommestein hosted a discussion about creating a business dashboard as a prelude to AI. 

Meanwhile, the one on one mentoring sessions gave our members some great insights into current issues in their businesses.

To finish a wonderful afternoon, it was lovely to hear from our newest Industry Expert in the legal field Lavan as well as Matt Basham from Bankwest who gave some insights about how the banking industry has fared during COVID. Always a treat to have Rupen Kotecha from the Perth Leaders series host our Connect event aswell!

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