South West Leaders March 2021 Recap

Our regular March function was focused on sales and marketing with two fantastic LED Knowledge Workshops. Tim Langford-Smith of Jaz Creative Unmasked Marketing' by explaining a marketing process involving research, strategy, implementation and measurement that results in building customer relationships, trust and loyalty.

Meanwhile, Josh Oakey of Your Marketing Mindset explored the sales conversation and highlighted three keys that improve the chance of making a sale.

Josh then continued his conversation in a Round Table discussion that stimulated some fruitful discussion. Meanwhile, Tim and the rest of our Industry Expert panel provided members with some one on one advice in their mentoring sessions.

Advisory Board member, Andrew King hosted the Connect Event where we heard from David Byatt of Moshi Moshi Marketing in his Leaders Insight Address and then from Daniel Coleman from Polylink, one of our newest members who introduced us to his business.


The following week, we also held our first Snapshot Series of the year in partnership with Roolife who specialise in trade with China.  It was a fascinating presentation and clear that now is the perfect time to start planning for business with China. Although the Australian-Chinese business relationship is a little freyed at the moment, Roolife believe that with the onset of travel once again, Chinese tourists will be reaching out for Australian products like never before.

Thank you to all those who came along to this event including Yan from the Bunbury Jiaxing Business Office and Minna Vilkuna of Rare Voyage Sustainable Energy who both had further valuable advice about trading with China
. It was also lovely to have business students from ECU.


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