Meet The Expert - Lorraine Madden, Lavan

Thanks for being with us today Lorraine, it is wonderful to have you on board as an Industry Expert with South West Leaders. First of all, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your background as a Lawyer?

My background is in insurance litigation but in recent years I have moved into more general dispute resolution. I currently practice in the areas of dispute resolution, cyber resilience, and wills and estates

Are there any particular legal issues that, in your opinion, should be more carefully considered by business owners?

There are a wealth of legal issues that need to be considered by business owners, from contract wording, the extent of, or limits of indemnities under insurance policies, cyber resilience, and succession planning, which is often overlooked.

And finally, 2020 has been an extraordinary year and there have been some interesting legal matters arise. What have you most taken away from this year and the implications from the pandemic?

Most businesses have faced unexpected challenges this year due to the pandemic. This has caused many businesses to change the way that they operate, with staff and often customers working remotely.

This has led to many challenges for personnel at every level.

Whilst most businesses were able to adapt to the situation, there has been a significant increase in data breaches and cyber attacks due to the changed working arrangements. This issue cannot be ignored and should be focussed on by directors.

For further details related to cyber resilience and directors duties, see this article written recently by Lorraine:

Cyber resilience and Directors Duties

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