Meet The Expert - David Byatt, Moshi Moshi Marketing

Thanks for being with us today, David. First of all, can you tell us about your background and marketing career so far?

Thanks, Emma.  I don’t come from a traditional marketing background and I found myself in the industry quite by accident. I stem from an academic background and originally intended to lecture philosophy.  However, my journey was waylaid by an opportunity to work in London and then teach English in Okinawa, Japan.  My experience with my wife in Okinawa inspired us to start an ESL college in Bunbury in 2006, but we were forced to close when the industry collapsed in 2011. 

While working in my next job, I met the owner of a digital marketing company and was asked to come on board.  Being a maths and computer geek (cutting my teeth on the BBC Acorn back in the mid 80’s), digital marketing was a comfortable fit, while my studies in philosophy provided a critical point of view.  Five years ago, I left the company and started Moshi Moshi Marketing with two trusted business partners, one a designer, the other a developer, and have since grown the business from the South West into Perth. 

Being our Digital Marketing specialist at South West Leaders, can you tell us exactly what ‘digital marketing’ involves and how important it is for businesses?

Digital marketing allows a business to promote their products to customers in an increasingly direct way. Whether someone is searching for your service or you are using banner ads to raise awareness of a product, the platform allows you to narrow in on your target market by choosing the gender or the age or the interests of those who will see it. These tools are becoming more efficient every day, and it is only a matter of time before most of the online advertising we see will be tailored to our needs and wants.  For a business, this not only increases the efficiency of their advertising, but also provides very rich data, giving insight into the patterns of customer behaviour.  This information can be used to plan or respond to events quickly, even in real time.

To answer how important digital marketing is, there will come a day, not too far off, when good or bad digital marketing will mean the difference between failure and success.  The quality of data and the digital tools available are improving all the time and while the advantages may often be small, over time they have a significant impact.  A 5% advantage over 7 years means your business will have grown 50% more than a competitor.   

That word ‘digital’ has certainly been a buzz word over the last few months. Where do you see the digital world and, in particular, digital marketing going in the future?

COVID has brought forward what was already slowly happening in the business world, and that is a newfound respect for digital tools.  Digital marketing is only one area of impact, with video conferencing and online project management to name a couple also experiencing the same rise. This is not to say that everyone has gone digital crazy, but rather that businesses now take digital marketing seriously.  Those who held fast to the holy advertising trinity  of newspaper – radio – TV have even started looking at online. The control and targeting provided by digital advertising is starting to be understood.

One of the most valuable commodities for a business – intelligence – is another area where digital marketing excels, providing volumes of information on user demographics and behaviour.  As businesses learn how to use this data, it will allow them to further refine their products to attract customers who provide the best value.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of the data world and digital marketing will continue to level the playing field and usher in a new era for small business.

David and Moshi Moshi Makreting can be contacted on 9795 5506 or visit

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