Cyber Security: Where Do I Start?

Protecting your business from cyber criminals must be owned by the business proprietor or those responsible for protecting the business from any threat. Sadly, most business owners are still blissfully unaware of the threats that exist in cyberspace that target businesses both large and small.

When you are busy running your own business it’s difficult to understand where to begin or where to go for advice and support. My suggestion is you go to yourself first to get to know what threats exist and what simple measures you can put in place to protect your data and your business from external (and internal) threats.

Before you consider engaging a security professional, I believe you should do some elementary research so that you can have a better understanding of what needs to be protected and the basic guidelines for doing so. There is an absolute overabundance of cyber security products and services and experts out there all wanting to sell their solution.

There is no one solution so you should begin at the bottom and understand what steps you can take with your current IT Provider to lock down some simple access privileges and access to your vital data.

Take some time to read the basics and start planning your cyber deference and response should you be attacked. This article is well written and simple in its approach, I recommend reading it.

Keep safe!

Steve van Blommestein
Managing Director
Netlink Group

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